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Saturday, January 3, 2015

Merry Subdued Happiness

Merry Subdued Happiness

There are many people  in life which we take for granted - our mother, our love of life. Not only humans, even materialistic things like that faded pair of jeans which we refuse to jump, that shabby bunny which has to be by our side at night. Happiness is one such emotion which we consider to be our birth right. On the occasion of new year, I have decided to spread my wings and let you journey of 2015 begin.

When we look at people around us who have had relatively smooth and trouble-free lives, we find only few of them stay in joviality. We look at those who have really rough and challenging lives; yet again, only a bunch of them are in good spirits. This seems to suggest the relevance of an age-old...

Hello, I am happiness. I always come to you. But, the onus is always on you accept me. Let’s penetrate deeper.

You may ask me what exactly Happiness is. Well, I am nothing but a good health plus a bad memory. You will be happy if you are healthy. Now, does that mean those who are not well are Unhappy? Well, not exactly. If you are able to put aside this I-Am-Not-In- Healthy-Condition thing or something like that, you will always be smiling.

You will never be happy if you continue to search for what happiness consists of. I belong to the self-reliant. There are numerous moments in your life to be happy. My friends often comment one of my followers, "She becomes jolly at so small things we would not even think of...” She is so happy on New Year eve. Even when she was away from my family, she brought a New Year cake and 2 red heart shaped balloons for my room. She cut the cake and enjoyed with all her roommates. Everyone was suddenly smiling at the very sight of celebration. No doubt, I was there, present all the time; but I was bought forward. Like ways, every time, there are moments waiting to be cheered, even without any reason. Action may not always bring happiness to you, but there is no happiness without action.

Well said, “That man is richest whose pleasures are cheapest.” By cheapest, he is not counting its monetary value. It is the intensity which matters. All I have to say is that there may not be a grand celebration to be cherished. But there is always a little smile lying on your face. There may not be a reason to flaunt it, it may not be Christmas, and it may not be perfect... But happiness is there: big or small. Cherish it.

I am always there walking side by side with you. I am there when a child laugh out loud on stupid sound of tearing paper. I am there when a mother sees her kid copying her. I am there when you find your favorite scoop of ice-cream in the fridge. I lie in your eyes, waiting to be tickled. I am there, with you, always.

Not to admire, is all the art I know,
To make men happy, and to keep them so!
Stay Happy.

This post was originally written as the first post of my first blog - Merrysubduedhappiness.blogspot.com and updated as a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by Blogadda.


  1. Nice Post and very honest new year resolution. I like this line and agree to it completely - "Action may not always bring happiness to you, but there is no happiness without action."

  2. Liked it... Really, happiness is a combo of healthy body and bad memory. Someone said "I've bad memory; that's why, I'm able to live"