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Sunday, January 11, 2015

Foe Turned Friend

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She was my best friend,
My greatest strength,
My glowing crown.

I was her pride,
Her role model,
Her strongest man.

Oh! Look what I did,
I called him myself,
I judged him before her,
I approved him to her.

Ever since that nod,
I cannot talk to her,
I cannot hug her.
Standing from a distance,
I see her laugh,
I see her change,
I see her going away.

The man I found from million,
I no longer like him,
I so envy him,
I want to beg him,
Please don't do this.

Then I see her,
Demure as flower,
Soft ad angel,
Took the vows,
Going away finally.

She hugged everyone,
Oh no! I can not cry,
I would look even weaker,
My little princess-
How she has grown up!

I looked in his eyes,
I joined my hands,
I begged her to take care.
The pearl was about to fall,
When his hands stopped it.
He hugged me tight,
"Thank you!", he whispered.
"Believe me, I would be your best foe.".
My heart sank,
What have I done,
My love,
For my err.

It's my birthday today,
I fell alone,
She used to wish me first,
She used to kiss me tight.
I open the letter she sent -
"thank you papa,
You found the best man for me,
He makes me laugh,
He makes me love,
Above all,
He makes him your mirage!"
Crying and smiling together,
I Open the door,
Only to find him bringing to me,
Happy birthday papa - said them together,
Thanks my foe,
Thanks my friend.

~From the heart of a loving father...

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.

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  1. you write beautiful.
    I have tears in my eyes as I remember my father.

    1. That's one of the best comment i could get for this post...
      Thanks a ton dear

  2. A very interesting take on the prompt. Very touching, but funny too...

    My 'Foe to Friend' post - Inherited Enmity

  3. I liked the poem. It's quite funny. I'm not sure that fathers compete with their sons in law - it's always unspoken. I guess thats what makes it so funny, the fact that you've articulated it.

    1. glad that you liked it.
      I wrote it as the imagination, but the fact that papa stopped coming near to me during my courtship period is true...