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Thursday, March 14, 2019

Lehengey & Lafdey by Varun T.

The Blurb Says:
They say that marriages are made in heaven; but weddings, my friend; weddings are executed in hell! After writing three political thrillers, all of which helped me garner a bit of fame and intellectual fanbase, I was convinced that politics is perhaps the most difficult field a man can engage in. But then, matrimony came along and politics suddenly felt like the non-essential elaichi in this Mughlai Biryani called life.

When my ‘loved ones’ subjected me to scenarios unimaginable, when as the groom I had to wait for an hour for my baaraat to arrive, when certain ‘rituals’ scarred me with shame for the rest of my life, I so wanted to give it back to the society! And hence, ‘Lehengey and Lafdey’ was born. 

LnL will raise your ire, tickle your funny bone, and show you everything except what a wedding is supposed to be: a sacred union. In a world filled with romantic novels, where love always wins in the end; patience, perseverance and the insane ability to bear a butt load of crap is required to emerge victorious in the holy war of matrimony. 

Enough talk! Jump right in and witness a whirlpool of emotions, with a cup of masala chai and some fryums on the side. Put your seat belts on, for it is going to get crazy. Welcome to the world of Lehengey and Lafdey!

How I Felt About The Book:

As mentioned by the author Varun Tejwani, he has written political thrillers and had his first attempt at this theme, he stayed away from mystery, thriller etc. The little book is written in first person and the language through the book is very simple.

Indian weddings and the extravaganza they bring along is not new to the world now a days – thanks to the recent famous weddings in past few years. The title and blurb had a lot to offer with the subject chosen. Considering the audience to which the book is targeted, I am a little disappointed with the book. Honestly, I could count more masala and funnier or irritating details from my own wedding which went quite smooth without much drama and hurdles. The author had a lot to offer which I must mention went missing. The narration and plot both went blank somewhere in between the story.

Minus the drama and real fun which Indians are very much aware of, the book was an average one time read and I could fly through the pages – thanks to simple English and relatable instances. It made me go back to my own wedding days and rewind many of the rituals and shopping spree which I did not mind at all.

Monday, March 11, 2019

The Modern Day Hindu by Nikhil Chandwani

The Blurb:
“Here are your instructions. You must overlook everything you know. Modern Day Hindu needs you to blur the edges of white and the dark spheres of life. It is my journey, practicing a very rare Hindu way of living, and blending the same with Quantum Physics, The Cosmos, a whole lot of Hollywood Movie mentions, Rock Music and Passionate Resistance. This book provides resolutions to the Twenty-First Century dilemmas through certain laws, I decoded, while implementing classical Indian knowledge. The book reveals the wandering consciousness of Hinduism. Awareness, that might complete your missing puzzle.

About The Book:
I liked the cover and found it quite creative. A person mediating with all the possible distractions in present era all around him on the cover along with the title made a perfect match. It’s a perfect match for current generation and is also a good percentage of our elders these days too.

The author has tried to throw a detailed insight on twenty-first century mass and how different areas affect their lifestyle with the help of seven spheres. The language used is simple and to the point.

The author also supported each and every point conveyed with an example. The examples range from day to day life, science, mathematics, philosophy etc.

Somewhere between the book, I sadly could not follow through and lost the connect. After that, I was just reading and not able to catch up. The reason might be because of too much knowledge. Honestly, I did not find anything bad about the book, I was just not able to grasp after a point. I think it needed more intense editing on the examples given and the connect between each other – there are a lot of random examples which I feel would have worked better for articles.

For me, it did not work very well. At the same time, I would like to mention that it’s me who might not have like it. It is a decent read for the people who enjoy reading physiological non-fiction books and of course movie buffs are going to relate the most out of it.


Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Voice of the soul by Shreyans Kanswa

The Blurb:
How does it feel to lie just by yourself and delve into the silence. The silence that is a path to deeper self, a self that is unexplored. That same unexplored self can also be regarded as the soul. 

While the time ticks on the clock, a bond with your soul is timeless. Such metaphors are rendered powerless when a conversation is created with oneself. 

These poems mean more than just words, they scream soulfulness. It is rather weird that we go looking for answers outside when all that we have to do is seek deeper within ourselves. The poems are experiences that the poet shares with the world, and these experiences are nothing fancy- they are all moments that the poet experiences with himself. They are questions risen from inquisitiveness and introspection.

How I Felt About The Book:
The book is a collection of 61 little poems.
Each poem takes the reader to a ride on an emotion or feeling about one or the other phase of life. There is poem about birth, death, pain, happiness, relations, nature, technologies and many more.

Honesty, it took me a few poems before I could get in the flow. Each has been penned differently. It deals with the day to day Facts we encounter in our life.

There are poems based on silence, feelings, life, death, pains, relationships, meeting, departure, illusions, eternity. There were some lines which made way in my kindle notes. Like:

They all reached the light
Some before, some after
All claimed that they saw it first
Religions were formed
Rituals were performed
With the absence of love in their heart
They invented the creator
Popularly known as God

Following were my fav among all:
A Dry Leaf
The House of Wood
The One You Think

Another fav line goes as:
I asked him, “Have we ever met before?”
He said, “We have been together forever.”

There were some poems which I could not relate to and a few were too casual considering the theme of the poems. For example, the use of ‘shit’ word in some of them did not go well with me.

Apart from this, it was a decent one time read.


Monday, March 4, 2019

3 Steps To Himalayas: A Practical Guide To Achieve Your Goals by Ramesh Kundu

The Blurb:
We have become prisoners of our times and the result is a stressful lifestyle. This race to compete with everyone else is leading to irreversible destruction of the environment and social institutions. We have more comforts now, but pay the price with serious health problems & psychological issues. We are less happy now and peace of mind is just missing from our lives. 
This book is an attempt to look at simple solutions for all such challenges faced by a majority of us. 
Going to class with swollen faces after being slapped for 150 times; spending three days & nights in a police lock up; your friend fighting back a leopard with bare hands & surviving; watching helplessly as a person is hacked to death in front of you - all these experiences have brought enough learning for a lifetime which have been shared in this book. 
To live a stress-free life, we have to understand and face our fears, understand and find reasons for our limiting beliefs, have control over our anger and suppress our greed. 
Self-awareness, self-management and self-development are the keys to evolve and make our lives better. For being successful, we need to re-look at our passion and skill sets, and find opportunities for what we are good at. 
Let us start our journey to the Himalayas…

The Book:
3 Steps To Himalayas, as the title very clearly states is a three step self help book to accomplish one’s ambitions. It is also a practical guide as all the points covered by the author Ramesh Kundu are also supported by real life simple stories.

The introduction section made me think if I had made the right choice as I am not a fan of self help books. It was not too late when the supporting stories made their way.

The best part about the book were the quotes or the teachings at the top of each story. The tiny stories also varied in all emotions and aspects of life. A few stories felt quite emotional while at the same time, few of them were funny yet delivering their intended message aptly.

Although the broader perspective of the book is only 3 steps, but in the process of which there are 10 sub topics covered which in turn have multiple sections inline. Now, that is the reason which made me done. I know I may sound a bit rude, considering the reviews I read from other readers, but then, that’s my take. As mentioned, I am not a self help book person, but there are a few of them I have really enjoyed. But, somehow, by the middle of the book, I was too impatient to finish it and put it aside.

For the people who like reading non-fiction and self help, I must admit it’s a good and full of learning one time read.


Friday, February 22, 2019

Blood and Beloved: A collection of dark poetry from Hell by Krimson Ravyn

The Blurb says:
Blood and Beloved, India’s first Gothic horror poetry collection, includes abstract, horror, and Gothic themes such as darkness, psychological horrors, child-rape, death, etc. Each poem from the book showcases elements of melancholy, depression, mania, occult, a darker philosophy of life, and the like. With a vivid, dark imagery, the book aims at being a fusion of the horror and poetry genres. 

How I felt about the book:
The book has 45 poems all of which did full justice to the genre and theme. All the poems are short with few of them even served their purpose in 5 to 6 lines.

I think, writing horror is one of the most challenging task as there is a very thin line which makes it funny or scary. I must appreciate the sincere efforts of author for staying inside the lines.

There are some poems which really left me feeling shocked and thrilled with fear. May be because of the emotions it evokes in your heart, I could not read more than 3 to 4 poems in a go. Here are titles of some of the poems I like:
  1. The Last Judgement
  2. The worship – among the horror and darkness, I felt it showed a light and asks the reader to be the best version of yourself.
  3. In The Labyrinth of The Lost Self – This was again a poem which led to finding oneself
  4. The Doom of Eliana – This was scary
  5. The Legend Of The Black Tower – I kept on saying “Poor child”
  6. I Died Twice – This was probably the smallest but one of the best ones
  7. The Lullaby Of The Doll – The best one! Meant to be read two ways – top to bottom and bottom to top. It sent chills down my spine as I read it bottom to top!

There were more notes which I took off the post as I hate spoilers.

The writing style is very Gothic and extremely dark which suits the theme of the book. At the same time, I think it could have been a little simple. I kept on opening my dictionary very often which caused a distraction.

Apart from the difficult vocabulary and some repeated phrases/messages in a few of poems, I think the horror or Gothic lovers should like this book. 

Monday, February 18, 2019

Once Upon a Reunion: A Romantic Suspense Novel by Nithya Sashi

The Blurb Says:
Have you ever sat late into the night, missing an ex, and going over hundreds of 'what-if' scenarios? 
Have you loved someone to the point of losing your mind? 
Like most Indian women who have loved, lost, and settled for an arranged marriage, Nirmala secretly pines for her ex-lover, Suresh, even as she leads a happy, mostly peaceful life with Sreenivas, her husband. 
Memories of her first love resurface occasionally, disturbing her present life. 
Unable to fully love Sreenivas with the insane intensity she had felt for Suresh, she is conflicted and lives in a parallel world, always tormented by the probability of a what-if!
It is at this time that her school friends plan a high school reunion, which her ex-lover, Suresh would also be attending. Nirmala sees this as an opportunity to bring a closure to that chapter of her life. But she is torn by the uncertainty and the upheaval this might cause. She fears that her meeting with her ex-boyfriend might ruthlessly tear apart the delicate fabric of her marriage. 

And at the reunion, her world turns on its head.
Suresh is found dead.
Was it suicide? If not, who was the murderer?
Nirmala is crippled by the shock. But blame quickly falls on her as the ex with a motive and before she realizes she is in the police net. 

How does she manage to escape? And what effect does this have on her marriage?

What I Felt About The Book:

“Once upon a Reunion: A Romantic Suspense Novel” as the title suggests is a love story with mystery involved and very obviously set up around a reunion which is generally organized by school or college alumni.

The author Nithya Sashi kept the language simple and urban. There are what’s app conversations, corporate lifestyle and daily issues which most of the current generation can relate to very easily.

The characterization for all the roles - lead as well as supporting is also very real. As some one wells said that nothing is perfect, author Nithya proved that right and added just the right amount of grey sides to all.

The title as suggests that it’s a suspense, there were small hints here and there right from the beginning. I would not say that I did not like anything, but honestly the boos was more than 50 percent done and the reunion had not begun. And then, it took may be even less time to wind up as the long wait it arrived. Revelation of suspense felt like just summarizing. I am sure of the author had given a few more pages and detailing of the final plot, t would have be so much better.

Apart from the never ending beginning and flying speed mystery solution, I quite liked the story. It was not a typical love story for me, but yes, a decent one time read.

Kalam: Kuch Ulte Panne by J. Alchem

About The Author: J. Alchem has proudly taken many award home which includes - Amazon Pen to Phblish Award, The Best Author of the year award 2017-2018, StoryMirror and Superhero storyteller award.Clearly he has been making Indian authors proud. Head on to his website to know more - J. Alchem.

About the Book:
The Blurb Says: मैं पहली बार छह: महीने पहले मिला था उस से. अख़बार डालने आता था वो हर दिन. फिर एक इतवार के रोज़ वो अख़बार के साथ साथ एक कहानी भी ले आया. मुझे सुनाने को. सुनते सुनते पता चला की वो कुछ पन्ने थे, जिन्हें वो उलटा पढ़ रहा था. एक कहानी में पिरो कर. एक कहानी जिसमें वक़्त पीछे की ओर भाग रहा था.

What I Felt About The Book:
“Kalam: Kuch Ulte Panne” - I am not sure if the readers or the author is going to like it, but the truth is that I picked this book by mistake. I liked the title and as many times I do, I did not not notice that it’s a Hindi book! 
But all is well that ends well - I was glad that the lines were not the typical ones we used them dread and had to pronounce carefully!
Coming to the story line, it’s not something readers would expect but they are going to enjoy every bit of it. The description about respected former president Dr. Abdul Kalam kept me smiling and nodding all the time. It had a unique mystery around the lines which kept me hooked.

There were some errors in the “matras” and grammar which I was so relieved that the author gradually thought upon and conveyed that he would get them corrected. Now, I did not intend to keep this section, but guys, this paragraph is only here because I truly liked the attitude Mr. Alchem has displayed. Kudos to you dear. I am sure the readers are going to get many more wonderful stories.

Luckily, I picked up the book even if it was by chance, It was a thoughtful and story reminded me of old stories I used to read in Hindi newspapers during my school days. It was a one time read, but a very thoughtful and good one.

Thursday, February 7, 2019

The Ring o’ Bells Mystery by Enid Blyton

I found this little book with rusty pages in one of my cupboards. I picked it up out of curiosity and thought of being traveling back to childhood. And then, there was no stopping till it was finished.

It’s a mystery thriller meant for kids. The story goes as below:

When Roger, Diana and Snubby go to stay at Ring O’Bells village, their old friend Barney hitchhikes over with his monkey, Miranda, to join them. Barney has nowhere to stay so he decides to sleep in deserted Ring O’Bells Hall. Bit eerie things happen - bells start to ring, strange noises are heard in a secret passage, and there are some unfriendly strangers about. 
Something very mysterious is going on and the friends mean to find out what...

Now, I totally read it with a kid’s mind. There is a secret passage, a village and people resembling children’s favorite bed time story - “Little Red Riding Hood”. Last but not the least, there are dogs! The description of dogs doing everything they could possibly do to show off and to gain attention of is just hilarious. I was smiling really-really wide as I could so relate that to the Labrador – Skipper at one of my cousin’s house. He is always picking up shoes or anything he can possibly get his mouth on while we are at their place to make sure that we do not indulge too much in our conversations and forget pampering him. To sum up this paragraph, there is something for everyone who reads it. 

The plot is just perfect for the age group “Ring O’Bells Mystery” is targeted for. Although it is obviously a little predictable for an adult, I totally put that aside as I thoroughly enjoyed reading it all.

All the characters and the language also very good which kept me engaged and not wanting to put it down till the end. If I had the luxury of sleeping through the day, I would have sat all night up to finish and reach to the end of truly adventurous journey.

I am all praises for this and recalled the "Famous Five" series! There are more books for sure, coming up in my book shelf soon to accompany it! I am waiting for my kids to grow up to the right age to introduce it to them.

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Together Forever To Never by Satish Goyal

The Blurb:
No one can love like you… if I lose you, I will be left with nothing’ So says Sariyanka, a girl from a small town, madly in love with Samar. Having lost true love once before, Samar too believes that Sariyanka is his other half whom Zeus, the Greek God had separated from him.. In a chance conversation with his friend Mayank, Samar discovers some shocking truths. As the story unravels, a series of events follow that forever change the meaning of love for Samar. Is Sariyanka the one Samar calls his ‘other half’? Will Samar get the love that he always longed for? This highly anticipated novel by Satish Goyal is an emotional roller coaster that bravely explores the highs and lows of love. It’s a story of love – unshaken and unquestioned; yet unfulfilled and unrequited. A saga of deceit served on a platter of lies. About the author: Satish Goyal is a finance professional and works at a US multinational company. Since his days at the university, he had dreamed of writing on subjects close to his heart, but had put those dreams on hold to focus on his family and career. He finally plucked up the courage to put pen to paper with his first novel ‘Together Forever To Never”. Satish believes that success cannot be measured in terms of wealth or titles. The true measure of success is happiness that one is able to achieve in life. Satish is now writing his second book, “The Coaster Series”.

The Book
Title of the book actually gives enough hint on what’s in store and goes well with the cover page. I also liked the blurb which generates right amount of curiosity. The author managed to pump up the desire of reader to continue reader till it finds the reason of incident mentioned right in the beginning of the book.

The language is very simple and reader can make good progress in a short span of time without skimming through pages.

About the book, usage of good vocabulary is quite prominent from the very beginning. At the same time, it is simple enough to not let the reader refer a dictionary every now and then.

Another thing I liked was - There were a letters here and there! Any one who reads me does not need an introduction to my fascination about them.

Samar, lead character is portrayed as an ideal partner a girl would look for - faithful, hardcore romantic, responsible, innocent, successful, supporting... I am falling short of adjectives.

The story moves really fast but then suddenly goes on slow motion in second part.

There is a section in the book where preaching of life are mentioned. Again, it’s my personal choice that I am not into self help reads and tend to skim through these sections.

There were few sequences which I felt were repeated and felt already read in same book with different language.

Romance is my favorite genre but at the same time, book failed to make me fall in love. Overall, it is a decent one time read very much relevant to present times. The era and behavioral pattern we see nowadays has been existing in society ever since but then it’s now that we have become open and started talking about.

Answer in 10 seconds: What’s the best thing someone has ever done for you?


The Sameness in a Consistent Change by Sujay Malik

The Blurb Says:
The wheel of time is a fascinating force. Sometimes it seems to only crawl along, while at other times it simply hustles. And when you tend to look behind, you expect that most puzzles would fall in place. But do they eventually?

Ramanuj, a village boy is confused about most things. He shares a strange rapport with his father, who, despite financial issues doesn’t stall his education. But Ramanuj has no idea what to do with himself.

Then one day things change and change permanently. There is no looking back from this bend; there cannot be. He meets Mr. Shrirangpure, through a chance meeting in a hospital through his daughter Pallavi. Something prompts him to appear more ambitious than he would like to have been.

Impoverished and submissive, he manages to rise above the shackles with time, even though everything is still stuck to his past. But now he cannot get back. He doesn’t want to. Until a revelation, prompts him to go back to his roots again. To the same tree, with which he shares a bond; to the drain water, with which he has shared many a memory; and to the same surrounding, which formed his core once.

This is a story of a boy who tried to end his life once. He loved as well and tried to rise to a level to become worthy of it. A boy, whose journey is all about mostly looking back.

‘The Sameness in a Consistent Change’ is a story of this interesting journey. A journey, devoid of a destination, perhaps. But the fun, sometimes, lies only in the journey.

How I Felt About the Book:
The Cover:
I kind of found the cover page quite creative after reading the book and understanding the context. But then, if I would pick it up in a book store? I am finding it difficult to answer it, so I would say may be.

The Book:
The Sameness In A Consistent Change” is a short story and can be well finished in 1 single sitting. I however, took a few days to finish it – Yes, I belong to slow reading club.

Coming to the book, it was a simple story with almost no twists and turns. The author – Sujay Malik has used few complex words out of his vocabulary, which made me feel that I might need a dictionary! But at the same time, they are blended the lines and story line which did not make me go back to the dictionary every now and then.

I found the story line and characters quite average. Little more details about the characters other than Ramanuj might have made the book more interesting.

At the same time, there were few instances which could emotionally connect. For example, below extract where one could easily relate to being able to share the successes with your parents:

“when he achieved his dream of becoming something in his life after clearing the coveted Civil Services Exam, his was sapped of all energy and excitement. He was thankful but restrained. The Ramanuj of old would have reacted differently. But this was not the Ramanuj of old. He wanted to go to meet his father. It was not possible. He wanted to go to meet Mr. Shrirangpure.”

It was a one time read for me and before I finish, here are a few lines I highlighted.

He was no less a bird, who had come back to his nest in the evening. The evening of his life!

Life went on and he fell behind trying to leap ahead.

Written in so simple words yet so powerful!

Truths are good. But most falsities are better.

The sound of silence is beautiful.”