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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

And Thus I Blushed In Love

This expression of love is not that crazy, but left me pink and red in my cheeks in front of my parents….

This story goes back to almost exactly five years. I was about to get engaged to a guy whom I barely knew, Well, that's how arranged marriages are supposed to function. My fiancée was trying his best to get me mingle in and open up. He wanted us to be at-least good friends before marriage. I on the other hand was a bit reluctant owing to my so called non-talkative nature (only initially!).

One fine day, my to-be husband called me and offered me to drop home. This was how most of our dates went by - he picked me up from office, we spent some good time in the malls, restaurant etc and then he would drop me home. As I sat in the car, I was surprised to find one more girl sitting at the back seat. She introduced herself as his friend in need. She had to visit the nearby mall and buy a watch for her sister's birthday. We agreed to help her out. Both of us tried almost each and every watch present in Lifestyle and finally choose two. Now, the task was to select between best. I gave my verdict that if I had to buy, which out of the two I would buy. With this, we bid goodbye to his friend and left for home. While we were driving back, I saw a packet on the back seat and asked if he had brought anything. He said that nothing, it was just some packet which was lying below and he placed it over. We chatted all way and he dropped me home safely.

After some days, I was going to visit the holy mountain - 'Vaishno Devi' to offer some prayer my mother had offered for my job. She wanted it to be completed before I get married. So, there we were - me and my brother chanting "Jai Mata Di" just two days before my first official Valentine's Day. We had planned to return on 14th Feb, but missed our flight owing to my strained leg which refused to move even at reasonable pace while coming down. There I was - Visiting mata vaishno devi with my brother on my first valentine's day. Anyways, we returned back on 15th Feb and I was handed over a bouquet of red roses and a gift from my parents. My fiancée had sent it for me. I asked if he came home to give it, to which they replied that he sent his friend.

I glanced at the roses - they were dark red and smelled miraculous. Then as I opened the gift, I immediately called my fiancée. He received the call and even before he could say "hello", i exclaimed - "Ye to wahi watch hai!" (This is the same watch). Yes, that watch was bought for me only with my own choice. It was packed in a cute heart shaped pink box which still stays safe in my cup-board. He then asked me if I liked the roses. To which I replied - Very much. He asked me to count them and try to guess the reason behind number. I counted them and they were 31 in number. Never in my dreams had I thought for the reason he gave me - "Darling, we had our first date exactly 31 days before. There is a rose for each day". I was totally into it and smiled big. That's when I noticed that I was blushing and trying to hug myself.

Alas! I do not have any picture of those roses. The watch, I wear that almost every other day and have got many complements from people. Every time someone complements that watch, I blush within with the sweet memory.

We are now about to celebrate our fifth wedding anniversary and I have a simple plan – check it out Fifth Anniversary Plans.

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  1. Sweet Memories - Well presented.

  2. Good watch, and good idea! Maybe it can be replicated by others elsewhere also. BTW, congrats on winning the prize for this article from BlogAdda :)

    Destination Infinity

    1. Thanks DI.
      I was not aware of the announcement! Your comment made my day:)