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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Sound Of Love

Disclaimer: This is a writing of fiction. I wanted to write a cute puppy love and this is what I came up with. Read on and listen to the sound of love.

It was valentine's day and as usual the school teachers were extra strict on students. Obviously they did not want any romantic stories building around. Love was and is still considered a taboo during school days.
Kids, specially the senior section had their secret gifts and cards hidden perfectly in their school bags. The only things students were interested that day were stories and gossips of proposals, rejections and confessions.
I being one of the shy and studious - above average girl was favorites among the obedient students who never created any complaint. The final exams of 11th grade were around the corner and it was submission time for lab files. Mine file was all ready and I gave it to out chemistry teacher who kept that on her desk to sign later. Suddenly, some kid entered into the classroom and announced that I was called upon in chemistry lab. I was sent straight and thinking that there must be some corrections required. As I entered the lab, I saw the mam all red in face. The moment she saw me, she shouted at top of her voice - "What is this?". I replied that it was the practicals file. "This...", she showed a valentines day card with red roses and some cheesy lines written in proposal and was signed with love by the guy named Saransh in our class. I immediately burst into tears and said that I had no idea about it. I tried to convince that I did not even talk to that boy except a formal hello in the morning. Saransh followed me to the lab and was as clueless. He did his best to explain that it was a prank by some mischievous students. But obviously, we were not listened upon and had to listen scoldings of teachers starting from the chemistry teacher to principal. Luckily, the principal showed some mercy and the mater was not reported to our parents. Both of us hated each other and never spoke again till our school lasted.


I took admission into college and was enjoying it throughly. That was when a new boy was admitted into our section as the lateral entry to second year. My jaw dropped on seeing him. "God! He is damn good looking.", I recited within myself. He saw me and came straight to my desk - "hey! Same college! Hope we would be friends now".
"Saransh!", I said and my inner voice shouted, 'You are not only good looking but have a sexy aroma'. We shook hands and were given corner eyes by many others. This happens to all boys and girls who hit upon well on the very first meeting. Over the time, some maturity had gone into our heads and we laughed upon out hatred story towards each other. We were immediately declared a couple by the students. From the shy obedient students, we had transformed into open and chit-chat youngsters. May be because of bad experience, both of us hated valentines day. Although both of us had really strong feelings towards each other, but we never expressed for the feeling of loosing the friendship.
In the farewell party day of college, the mischievous organizers had a competition of proposing your love in the stage and we being known as open couple (at-least in crowd) were requested to give a demo presentation to the students. Saransh did not tell me his plans by saying that the surprise would bring real expressions from me. On the party, I was being handed over a balloon and a flower in every  minutes. I knew what it was, but still blushed because of all the 'aww', 'so cute' sounds from all around. Finally just before the start of competition, The dance floor was covered with curtains an everyone was wondering what's up. As the curtains opened, every other girl had tears in her eyes. The floor was all decked up beautifully with love quotes and our pictures - solo/duet/group. I did not had an option to say no since that was supposed to be a demo. So,
There we were officially in love at college. We confessed gradually and decided to inform our parents. We were sure that since it was no interacts, out parents would agree.
Again, we were wrong. Both families went fuming at the mere thought of love marriage. Being good children, we parted our ways.


I was working in an MNC and at the peak of marriageable age for girls. My parents looked for a perfect match and fixed our meeting. My puppy love was fresh in my memories, but had made up my mind to move on.
That morning, the family came to our house - to see the girl! I was trapped. The prospective mother in law gave a nod of approval and I was sent to our lobby in the back of house to have a talk with the boy. He was seated with his back facing the entrance on traditional slide we had in the centre. My slippers made some voice as I stepped and he looked behind to acknowledge.
"Saransh!", my eyed popped out in surprise. "How in world did you manage this?", I asked trying to keep my voice low.
"Amita! God, I should have looked at the picture. I came to say no!", he had tears in his eyes.
Our families had choose us! Love and destiny is truly unpredictable. We somehow managed to hide our excitement. There we were, engaged officially by families. The family pandit, gave the date of wedding we hated most - 14th feb.
Whatever it was, it was definitely some concrete plan of the supreme power to bring us together. It gave us hints right from that fateful valentine's day in college. All we had to do was believe.
Ten years after our first valentine day - The day we hated to celebrate is memorised as the grand fat north Indian big fat wedding we had.  We are now happily married and most looks upon couple among families. Only two to three very close relatives know our big secret.
The sound of love made its way Ito our lives. The more we muted it, louder it echoed.

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  1. You wrote as if it was your own story..Nicely narrated...
    I knew it would be Saransh but that he had decided to refuse her was nice twist :) Keep Writing. All the best for the contest :)