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Saturday, February 28, 2015

World Remade Which I Am Proud Of

When I read the words "Creator of world", my mind immediately went to the image of Lord Shiva. It might look too mythological, but I still remember that episode from some television serial when Lord Shiva created this world. He was portrayed as half man - the Shiv and half woman - the Durga. He not only created this universe, but also the two other mighty gods - Bhrama and Vishnu. All those spiritual studies and everything must have been really required at that time.
Now, if I were the creator of this world, I would obviously have the mindset of current generation.

There is one thing that I would want to continue as they are currently supposed to

There are living beings of all kinds and I would not ever want to change their way of living. Some eat others, but then it's nature and very much required. I have read at many places - "Nothing goes waste or without a reason in nature.".
The seasons are there for a purpose and all have they own charm. The plants and trees, well they come under living beings only.

I really had to think hard when it comes to changes. After banging my head for hours, I choose only two points:

I must confess that I had the so called Women Empowerment in mind for this point. I am sure if there was no gender bias; no one- woman/man would have been ever used as an object.  People would not be looked down on choosing their sexuality. There would not be any woman's or man's job.

People are killed in the name of god - the creator. Being the creator myself, I would not allow anyone to misuse my name/identity. I would make sure that no one is hurt emotionally or physically in my name. Evaporating religion form the existence itself would help me do so - or that's what I think!

I can go on and on with a big list. Then, I remember - "There would not be a smile if there were no tears". Thus my world would not be all happiness. Failures and setbacks at are definitely as important as success. I would surely leave some room for improvement.

If a new world with no gender biasing and no religion would be created, I would definitely pat my back and shout at top of my voice - "Here is the world remade. This is my world and I am proud of it".

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  1. Well, Amita, thoughts are noble. But are they feasible?

    1. Thanks Ravi...
      Considering current world, they may take ages to apply.
      But then, if I have an option to create a whole new world, I can try and not seed them..:)