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Friday, September 12, 2014

The Beginning

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Mumbai, Bandra: Friday evening: 10:30 pm

"Papa, we have not packed my piggy poo", they heard Roohi shouting in panic. That was not before the little footsteps jumped into the room. Roohi stood in between the door and giggled. That was the moment when her parents who were taking a deep dive into a passionate kiss noticed her. Shekhar had warned Tara about her to be arrival, but Tara had ignored and pulled him with his blue collar and Shekhar gave in.

"Golu!, wait, mummy is coming to tickle your little tummy", laughed Tara. Tara used to call her Golu owing to her fat during first five years. Then it became a habit and she actually had to make an effort to call her daughter by her name whenever required. Golu aka Roohi ran back to her room and jumped on the bed. Tara followed and the loud laughter echoed throughout the house.

Suddenly, Roohi ran back to Shekhar and said again - "Papa, we have not packed my piggy poo".  Shekhar was in the middle of his article which he was writing for famous fashion magazine Tara's TV channel published every month. It was Tara who convinced him to do so but on the condition that he would choose the topic himself and would not include those skinny models in between for no reason. He loved his freelancing, as it gave him the freedom to choose his work hours. Shekhar left his pen and made Roohi sat in his lap with his contagious smile. He could see that the little mind was worried for no reason. He said - "beta, you know what Kerela is famous for?". "Coconuts.", said Roohi. "Yes, we would get you a soft ball in the shape of coconut. See here in my lappy, ", Shekher opens his laptop to display a colourful study table which had a football shape ball which looked like a coconut. It had. Two green leaves in the form of soft pillows hanged on top of it.  "you would get it for me?". Roohi asked in excitement. Shekhar then put her back on floor and said - "only if you go to bed now and we do not get any more complaints from your school". He pulled one of her pony tail gently as if pulling her ear. Roohi adjusted her distorted pony tail in line with other one at other ear and promised so. "Goodnight papa", she went back to her room. "Good night mummy", she waved Tara as she passed the lobby.

10 minutes later, Tara and Shekhar stood at her door cuddling each other softly. "She looks like an angel while sleeping." whispered Shekher. "An angel who is sure to become miss universe when she grows up as she dreams of", giggled Tara. "oh, I just recalled, you have booked the resort near to my Kerala office?", Tara asked. Shekhar have a small nod and teased Tara with his French beard at her cheeks. Both of them made a small star at Kerala on large India's map hanging in Roohi's room as a symbol of their upcoming vacation, gently closed the door and retired back to their room and kiss which was left between as always.

Shekhar And Tara had to give in the continuous demands of Roohi to go on a vacation. Luckily, both of them had their interests fulfilled. Tara got an opportunity to interview the famous superstar of tollywood. Shekhar booked his appointment with the photographer to set up the shoot for the cover of his first and dream book. Roohi was thrilled for the vacation and has been telling that we re going to Kerala. The purpose behind a deed is not evil until it brings a smile on all faces involved.

As Shekhar let his tongue in Tara's mouth, both of them could not stop the electric wave into their bodies. Tara made the first move and unbuttoned his blue semi see through shirt. "Some one is in different world today", teased Sekhar as he pulled her on the mattress. "Sshhh...", Tara put a finger on his lips and joked -"This poor bed need to worry much since we would spare him soon - 7 days to go.".

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  1. Great story Amita ! I hope you guys win :D

  2. Roohi looks very naughty just like me.. All her characteristics are just like my daughter.. Your story which is interesting though will keep me hooked for my reason :) All the best..

    1. Hehehe....

      Roohi is in love with Roohi.... no doubts about that....
      Anyways, Thanks Roohi.

  3. nicely written, I must say.
    Good luck :)