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Sunday, May 10, 2015

A Letter To My Son

Honesty is one virtue which everyone is always looking for in every person they meet. Need less to say, a bit of dis-honesty from our loved ones is heart- breaking.
When it comes to kids, every mother wants her child to be living and honest to her. All she wants from him is true love without any hidden motive.

I often think that time is not far when he would become independent and would not hug and kiss me as often. He would no longer piss me off and force me to play with him no matter how tired I am.

My kid is too small to read this or understand the meaning behind these words. I wish one day, he not only understands these lines, but also grow larger than them.

I still remember the day,
I found that you were on the way.
Not knowing what to do,
I followed my heart at every step.

As you free inside,
I wonder how would you look like.
As I felt you within me,
I danced with joy.

I love you,
Before I saw you.
I gave those creepy shows a miss,
As people said it would impact you.
I laughed more,
To keep you smiling.

When I saw you for the first time,
I kept looking at you.
I took a long look,
At your tiny fingers,
At your deep eyes,
At your kissable lips.

Droplet of pearl fell from my eyes,
I made sure it did not fell on you.
I remember clearly,
I could not have enough of you.

I played when you played,
I slept when you slept,
I smiled when you smiled,
I cried when you cried,
I also cried when you laughed,
When you kissed,
When you hugged.

Time is flying quickly,
You started crawling,
You stood on your feet,
But you still look for me,
When you wake up!

I wonder what do I want for you?
Some say, make him a doctor,
Some wish you earn the most.
You come and hug me,
Little arms cuddle my neck,
Cute lips kiss me cheeks,
And Then I know,
All I want for you is this.

I wish you stay as smiling,
I wish you stay as innocent,
I wish you stay as loving,
I wish you love as selfless.
You cry if you are sad,
You smile if you feel good,
You wonder when I become sad,
You play when I dance.
You fear if you feel creepy,
You cuddle if you feel loving.

Those expressions of love,
Those tears of hurt,
All are so pure,

My heart ponders,
If you would stay the same?
My soul searches,
For the actions to be taken.

Great people have said,
Children are reflection of parents.
So true they are,
As you talk in sleep,
Exactly like me.

I keep my promises,
So that you learn to keep yours.
I tell you all truth,
So that you never learn to lie.
Sometimes my life,
I do not talk to you,
So that you never do so with me!

Yours honestly,
mummy :-* 

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