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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Come Back To Our Lives

I so want to write for this one. I immediately opened my notepad and then my notebook with a pencil in hand. I tried my best to write something. Not a single sentence or even a word came out of my mind. The paper was blank with few droplets here and there... All that came running was his infectious smile which in-turn made my eyes wet yet again. Yes, I am not sure if people reading it would believe or not, but I am still on the verge of sobbing while typing this. 

I hate to address you in past tense, so I won't do that here...

You have been the strongest person in small yet big enough family. 
In any situation, easy-hard or unpredictable, you have always been the guy who could be relied the most upon. 
No gathering or a celebration was ever complete without your easy go chats. 
You loved me more than your own daughter (or i always felt so). You have been a role model to many in and outside the house. 
You are one of the rare people in this world who manage to win hearts with their simplicity and charm. The very fact that there were more than double the people (who continued to come and wait for whole 3 days because of various reasons) at your last rites than your own wedding day (as told by Dadi) is the living proof for this.
Chacha Ji, I have never ever missed anyone like this before.
I so hate that beautiful picture which was used in various ceremonies. Not because it's bad - anyone who has a look at that appreciated that! because that picture reminds me that you are no more with us and would not ever come back.
It's been months. Yet, I along with all of us, still cannot digest the fact that we would not ever see you again. It feels that you would come any moment tapping my head gently and ask your favourite question.

The moment I saw this topic, "CHACHA JI" were the words that echoed my mind and the sloppy lips. Yes Chacha Ji, if it is possible, please come back for not a day but just for a flash. I am sure the very moment you see tears in my eyes or the agony we all have been feeling, you would fight with death and kick those useless doctors harder to get you standing right here smiling back.

I can give this in writing, actually, I AM writing this publicly - "You would do anything possible or impossible, in or out of this world to get yourself convert that flash into another lifetime and ask me that most simple question "BETI! KHUSH HAI NAA TU?".".

Probably I would say no this time to make you stay forever so that you could hear a yes again.

Here I am, posting it with shivering hands...

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