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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Story Telling - The Cavity Hunter

I received the pack of Colgate - Magical Space Adventure pack few days back.

The moment I told my son Ricky about the activity, he was super excited. Poor kid, he had to wait for two days so that we can skip the naughtiness of his younger brother and weave a story in peace. He is a little monster we all love.

Ricky and mumma worked together to weave a small moral story encouraging kids to brush their teeth daily - two... no three times a day. Yes, Ricky said three times - morning, afternoon and bed-time.

Watch the video for our story or scroll down to read the story.

Once upon a time, there were three astronauts - Sahaj, Frozen and Ricky. One day, Sahaj and Frozen were having a ball while working on some minor faults in the space station. 

When they returned to the space station, they noticed that there were some warning signs from one of the rovers.

They immediately checked what it was. It was a signal of danger.
"A danger!", Frozen said.
"It's from the planet Mars.", added Ricky as he entered in the lab.
"It's a UFO. An Unidentified Flying Object has been noticed orbiting around the earth.", said Sahaj.

Ricky was an expert in wars and weapons. He got his rocket ready and launched for the adventurous mission. Sahaj too went in another smaller spaceship and took his position on planet Venus to help Ricky. Frozen was in the space station to guide and help her both friends.

While Ricky's rocket was following the UFO, Frozen warned him about a comet which was right after him. 

She warned,"It has really long tail. Stay alert.".
Ricky turned the rocket just in time to escape from being hit. They got another signal from the Rover on planet with a ring - Saturn, "A UFO was orbiting along and gathered some information from earth. Not sure what is was all a about.".

Sahaj immediately left from Venus and headed towards Mars to help his friend Ricky. As soon as Ricky's rocket landed there, he was surprised by what he saw.

An alien had cornered Sahaj and was trying to dig holes in his teeth. He stopped when Ricky asked him to put his hands up.

"There are some naughty kids on planet earth who do not brush their teeth everyday. We would collect all cavities from their teeth and make an enormous cavity army. No one would be able to stop us then."

"But where did you come from?", Ricky asked.

"Ha ha ha.", the alien laughed aloud. "We are from the planet that revolves in the opposite direction than yours.", he said grumpily.

"Venus! I just came from there.", Sahaj added.

While Alien turned to Sahaj with his witty tools, Ricky shot him with his laser gun. The alien fell on his knees and pleaded for mercy. Sahaj, Ricky and Frozen, all three of them warned him from their headphones, "Never ever mess with children from next time. And for the kids you were talking about, they have already promised their parents to brush their teeth two times a day. Now go back to your planet before we kill you."

The alien ran towards his space ship and the UFO disappeared in the sky in seconds, never to be seen again,

Back on earth, everyone was overjoyed and celebrated the victory of brave Astronauts. From that day, all the children never broke their promise to brush their teeth and taught their younger siblings to do the same as well.

As they say, learn while you play, the kiddo has grasped most of things from the pack. Here they go.

Ricky introducing the characters:

Below are the pictures of cut-outs:

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Special thanks to my all time saviour Mukesh Gulia - my brother for the narrations :D...