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Friday, May 15, 2015

Kicks: A Cherished memory

“Of all the rights of women, the greatest is to be a mother.”

Motherhood is one right which can only be claimed by women. Unfortunately, men cannot feel the divine experience of moulding a life within themselves. If they had, they would understand the amount of emotions attached to the same. Right from the moment when a woman discovers that there is a life on its way and it is her own body which is going to be its creator, the seed of being a mother is implanted deep into her heart.
There are multiple stages of pregnancy and each stage brings its own set of emotions along with it. The most awaited stage is the one when the mother starts feeling that tiny life. It does not matter if the child is her first child or tenth child; the feeling of little soul moving right inside her is priceless. The emotions are always same. The only difference is that first time mothers are too anxious to feel and keep on waiting impatiently for the heavenly experience, while experienced mothers have some patience.

Poor fathers, they can only feel when they are lucky enough to be by mother’s side at the right time. I still remember the moment when my husband and brother felt the baby for the first time. My husband got a good kick on his ear and we still laugh out loud thinking about the same. My brother was terrified and he immediately took his hand away and was very afraid to feel it again!
I try to express my emotions I go through every time I felt my baby moving. The below lines shows only a part of feeling which is wonderful, amazing and surprising at the same time.

Those kicks when I am eating

Those punches when I am working. 
Those strokes when I am resting, 
My soul is surprised when I am sleeping. 
A playground I feel, 
As those legs heel. 
Womb congests as ‘it’ deals, 
I wish all could all reel. 
It was on right just now, 
It slipped to left and I wonder how. 
It's moving, it's visible! 
It's funny as I capture, 
‘This’ moment of wow! 
Those tiny elbows and hands 
Those little knees and feet 
This delicate body 
Struggles inside me to find the space 
Reminds me so that it loves me 
So that I can smile 
And to make me feel blessed 
That I am never alone. 
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  1. That is a wonderful memory to hold onto for life Amita...Motherhood is a bliss!