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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The Day When I...

Who is the first person we think of calling or talking to when we are truly happy?

I bet this might have varied answers - Best friend, mother, father, husband, wife, and the list goes on.

Who is the first person we think of when we get hurt (even the slightest)? Let me rephrase the question. What is one word that comes out of our lips when when we  are hurt?

"Mummy", "Mom", "Maa", "Amma" and so on.

The difference is that all of them points to the same person - Our mother. Yes, picture this -
I hurt my knee/elbow  - I cry in pain - "mummy"
I am not well - I utter in dismay - "mummy"
I am frustrated - I shout in anger - "mummy"

I knew this truth right from the birth, but like every thing whose importance is realised when we do not have it any more, I realised how much I was dependent on my mother only when I went away from her. It was during the time I was in some other city for my first job when I used to return to my pg/hostel hungry and dying for food. All that I used to see on the table was cold food which I would never ever have put in my mouth if I was home. Many times, I literally shed tears thinking of mummy. When finally, I was back in my home town, I simply refused to relocate and choose to switch the company. I had just one liner answer to my manager - "When I get back home, There would be no one to say - "aa gai beta, hath muh dho le, mein khana daal deti hun" (baby, you have returned. Wash your hands and face till I serve the food for you). I even missed a big company because of this prolonged mom-sickness.

There are many such memories which I may recall with my mother. When I give a serious thought to the best ever memory I had with my mother, below instance rules my heart and mind:

Date: 7 April 2012
Time: Around 5:00 PM
Location: Labor Room

I was exhausted after almost twelve hours of gruesome pain, five hours of scoldings to push from nurses and doctors. My son was finally there and of-course I was happy. But the fact that I was confused was also true. While everyone was on cloud nine as they saw their next generation, I was completely lost for almost an hour.
Suddenly, the door opened and I saw my parents enter the room. I burst into tears the moment I saw them. I was crying uncontrollably. Everyone around me was trying to calm me down saying different things - "don't cry or your eyes would become week", "it's over, why are you crying", "don't cry, it's the time to smile now!".
All I could utter as my Mom held my hands was - "Itna late kyon aaye" (why did you come so late?). The room was filled with laughter on my innocent reply.
It was that moment I missed my mother the most. All I wanted in world at that time was to see her next to me. When I look back in time, I cal tell for sure that - 
The best memories with my mother and being a mother, both were when I became one and stepped into her shoes. That is the most cherished memory with my mother.

The moment I became a mother myself and saw my own mother, that was the moment when i realized that she is truly my first expert.

Let me put a smile again everyone's face. Below is the snapshot of my Facebook status after two days -

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