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Thursday, May 27, 2021

How to Be a Writer by Ruskin Bond

Ruskin Bond I am sure does not need an introduction to either children or adults. Even if someone has not read his books, they definitely know a lot about him and the recognition he has got for his work.

Now, this book - "How To Be A Writer" is again a children book which is really short and sweet written in a very casual tone. When we say a children book, it has a lot of cute little illustrations on each page and obviously easy to read language.

Ruskin Bond begins the book by talking about his own thoughts or feeling being a writer himself. He tells why or how 'HE - Ruskin Bond' became a writer. He then continues to give basic guidance about what it takes to become an author, how to write, what to write and what's in store when one decides to be a writer. 

Since the book is targeted for children, it obviously does not give any detailed steps or problems one gets into while his or her journey to hold that dream book in own hands. But, what the author does tell about is where and how to find inspirations from. For example, my own kids have narrated countless stories after we turn off the lights and decide to tell one last story before sleep. Their stories are mostly derived from what they have read recently or have been talking/hearing about recently - but they do end up with some interesting stuff. Many times they tell their own version of the story they just read. Similarly, the author tells that one can find a story or a character anywhere - even in their dreams. 

Best line from the book I found:

"There is no retirement age for writers!"

I would not talk about the tips the author has offered as it's a short book along with pictures and talking a lot about it would end up in spoilers. One tip I loved the most is that we should be setting up or writing in a place we are familiar with. That can obviously be modified as per the story.

The books end with some light on the publishing too. Be warned that it's not a guide to get published. It's just a moral booster about why it takes time to get published and be ready for the rejections. I think as a child, this information is sufficient. Children need not know more than that and other technical/logical steps should be left for parents to carry forward. 

The book ends with an amazing postcard which I am still figuring out what to do with. I obviously don't want to loose it and keep with me forever. I might post it to our own home addressed to my elder son. I think he would like it as he has not received a letter ever (thanks to the current digital kids!). Oh! as I type this and look at the postcard, I noticed that it says "Dear Mr. Bond,"! So I would try to give the book to kiddo and see if he agrees to send a note to the author. That means I would have to part with this. No worries! The kiddo would send his first real letter in this way. Thanks to the team for this!

Adults might find the book quite monotonous and repetitive explanation of all the quotes and advice scattered all over internet. But then the team is targeting an innocent mind and they did a good job in that. I think this is a must read for any child who aspire to write a book someday. It would definitely boost the child's confidence and guide him/her to the right path. Simple language makes it a self read book for children. 

Ideally a children book but it is a very basic stepping stone for budding writers. It's a ageless book which can be placed right there on the workstation with any page opened.

If you decide to buy this book, you may go ahead and do the same via below link on amazon:

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